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Spain/ portugal 2005 I took a trip to Spain and Portugal with my sister. Spent time in Madrid, Obidois, Portugal along the northern coast and at a friend's wedding in Siguenza, Spain.
China 2004

This year for vacation I decided to back to visit my good friend Tony in Hong Kong and do some traveling to some cities in China we have never been to. I was there for 10 planned days and an extra day trying to get over the effects of food poisoning I got in Xi'an. It was not pleasant but all part of the experience of being a traveler. I find China a fascinating place. It is so old with an ancient culture and yet they are progressing rapidly towards a free market economy and more and more freedoms. I think it is interesting to witness and photograph all the interesting things to see there as a result. And of course the people are just as interested in seeing and talking to me as I am them.

This link is to a media page where I have photos and small videos from the trip. I hope you find something you like.

Hawaii (The Big Island) 2003

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My friends Tony, Tony and I took trip to Hawaii. We are college buddies and have not hung out together for 11 years... the last time we did it was a camping trip in Pennsylvania. we upgraded a bit to the beach this time. Tony's wife and kids were very nice in letting him escape for 8 days with us. "Just call us all Tony to make it easier," we would say when introducing ourselves.

Steamboat Springs 2003

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Hahn's Peak Hike Report

In January, I was in Seattle one week and then Dallas the next week, for the weekend in between, I took a trip to visit my sister in Steamboat Springs, CO. Last year I was there and snowshoed for the first time. I absolutely loved it. The quiet solitude of the deep snowy woods was phenomenal. So this time I asked Sarah if she could take me on a great snowshoes trip. She took me up to Hahn's Peak. Words can describe the beautiful winter sights on the trek. Check out the Hahn's Peak Hike Report.
The link is to a web photo gallery with some of my favorite shots from the trip.
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