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Ironman USA 2000 Race Report Lake Placid, New York: This was my second and last Ironman race. This was by far my biggest day ever in triathlon. Most of my family came to watch me and many friends were there too. It was one of the most memorable days in my life.

Great Floridian Relay 2001
Pre Race Rhetoric

Post Race/ Report

Clermont, Florida: Five friends and I entered 2 rely teams in the Great Floridian triathlon. It was a fun competition between the 2 teams (Turtles and the Snails).

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Gulf Coast Half Ironman Triathlon 2000 Race Report Panama City, Florida: I never did write a race report for this but do have a few things written down and I will post them soon.
Great Floridian Ironman 1998 Race Report Clermont, Florida: This was my first Ironman distance race. Most of my family and many of my friends were there to watch the race. It was very exciting, even though I had a bad race and a rough day.
Florida Challenge 1/2 Ironman 1998 Race Report

Clermont, Florida: This was a bit of a breakthrough race for me. I had a very good time a completely surprised myself. The race report writing it poor... it is what it is.