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Dallas Improv Comedy Show My friend Mike and I went to see Jim Florentine and Costaki Economopoulos at the Imrov there. It was fantastic. We laughed hard out loud. Both guys were really good. Jim was the headliner and is part of Comedy Centrals Crank Yankers. He plays a character named Special Ed. I think my favorite was Costaki. His humor was intelligent. He is from Atlanta too.  
Dallas Stars Hockey I am not sure why, but I was in an entertainment mood in Dallas. I have been there a tons of times but never been to a Stars game. American Airlines arena is pretty amazing. It looks like just another building in downtown Dallas from the outside. You'd never know it was an arena. Inside it is also quite nice. I was dissapointed however that the crowd sure did not make me feel like I was at a hockey game. They barely got into the game. Not that they weren't into hockey, they just did not get very excited. I think it is all a part of that socially ridgid Dallas mentality. "Don't get too weird, someone I know may see me." Live a little.