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I love a good movie. I seem to go for the more off-beat independent and international films. Here I list some of my favorites as well as recent films I have seen and my impressions.
Name: Thought: Rating out of
Osama This is a film about the plight of women in Taliban ruled Afganistan. It is a harsh, but still atamed down, view of their lives of powerlessness. I give high marks for the filmmaker who was able to make it so soon after Taliban rule has gone and under the conditions he/she made it. One thing that I thought was amazing about their world is the complete lack of color despite being shot on color film. I suppose it is reflective of their situation.
Spartan A suspense, espionage thriller film with Val Kilmer in it. It is bad. One of those films where the plot keeps taking ridiculous twists and hinges solely on not believable moments that are the only thing holding it together. "20 minutes into the the film it looks like the plot is going to end at a dead-end but wait, we randomly find this clue lying in the middle of the floor for suspicious reasons to alow this ridiculous film to get even more ridiculous." Don't waste your time, don't even rent it. This is a Test!!!
Mystic River I have seen a lot of great films lately. Either I am not that picky anymore or quality is just getting better. What a great script and a killer cast really made this film jump out at you. Tim Robbins did a great job as did Sean Penn. I think it was editied very well and was always moving and keeping your attention. Lots of great plot folds keep you thinking, but not to the point of distraction. I highly recommend it.
Touching The Void This is a true story of a guy who crawls off a glacier and back to his climbing partner after breaking his leg and being left for dead. I read the book a while back and had to see the movie. It is more of a documentary than a film. They cut between interviews of the actually participants and reenactments of the the scenes. Good photography. I had to see it in Wash DC b/c it is not playing in ATL.
Big Fish This was an excellent film. A Tim Burton film, this one seems a departure from the dark surreal feeling of his films. The darkness is gone but some surreal aspects do remain in this film. Good fun story. At times in the middle it was a little muddled, but it all is leading to a point that makes it worthwhile. It is a bit of tear-jerker. I recommend it.
21 Grams Film starring Sean Penn and Benicio Del Toro. I like both actors a lot and they did a great job in this film, but the script was just OK. As with the film Memento, they start with the end of the film and only give you disjointed short scenes leaving you to piece things together. It is a novel way of doing it, but I do not think it was necessary and was a bit of a steal from Memento. Decent story. Something was missing from the film to make me like it more. Not sure what it was though. Not a waste of my time.
Lord of the Rings: Return of the King I am not sure what it was, but I think I liked the first 2 Lord of the Rings movies better. maybe I am just getting tired of them. This was not a waste of my time though. fun, great special effects and I am glad I finally know what happens at the end... especially since I never read all the books. One thing though, I do not understand the ending of this movie when they all got on the boat and sailed away. I know they are turning the Middle-Earth over to men now, but then why did not all the Hobbits get on the boat too. Hmmmm.
Cold Mountain Great Movie! I highly recommend it. Rene Zellwiger does a fantastic job of acting and should get the best supporting actress award. Big name cast all around and a great story.
Seabiscuit Saw this in Boston with my sister on DVD. Good film, but not picture of the year.
Whale Rider Saw this on DVD. It was good. A New Zealand film. The young girl in it does a terrific job of acting. I nice story.
Martix - Revolutions Please please please, do not waste your time. This movie is lousy and Keanu Reeves really shows his true colors here. I really liked the first Matrix movie. The second one was OK but this third one is just plain criminal. I walked out of it it was so bad.
Kill Bill I am a Quentin Tarantino fan, but I did not like this film at all. I know it is suppose to be funny and a bit of a spoof, but it just rubbed me the wrong way. There were some neat images and good characters, but overall it was not great. Not worth my time.
Lost In Translation I really liked this film. It's an independent film with Bill Murray and no one else famous. It has limited dialogue and gets its points across with imagery and watching the interactions between the characters. Bill is perfect for the part. What is up with Bill Murray playing guys named Bob? I recommend it.
Matchstick Men To see this was a real battle for me. I really like Ridley Scott the director but think Nicolas Cage is... well Nicolas Cage. He plays the same guy in every film he is in. "Nick Cage, as Nick Cage in _______ (fill in the blank)." An OK film. A pretty good script and good twist, but not that great... a renter I'd say.
Pirates of the Caribbean Legend of the Black Pearl Johnny Depp does a great job in this film. I can not tell if he is drunk or just goofy, but he does a good job. The story is fun, the script is very good and it is always moving, and there is a good twist at the end. I pleasant surprise.