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Music of the last year:
Here is a list of music that I have been listening to in the last year. Not all of it has been released this past year, some of the stuff is old that I have recently discovered. Good music is good music, release date does not matter to me.

Check out the AllMusic web site for more complete info. and reviews of each of these releases.

Artist - Album: Comments: Rating out of
Yo La Tengo - Summer Sun I really like this album. It is very mellow and subtle. Creative use of melodies and instruments. I find myself humming their songs and trying hard to remember who it was... Yo La Tengo. They have about 5000 albums out, but this is the first one I have really listened to. I have to check out thier back-catalog.
The Clinic - Walking With Thee Not bad. Catchy with some mellow songs. Kind of reminds me a bit of the Cure... but I don't like The Cure. Clinic is pretty good though. Each song is unique and keeps me interested. I can tell it will wear thin pretty fast though.
Track Starr Not heard it enough yet.  
Frank Black and the Catholics - Show Me Your Tears This reminds me of his old Pixies stuff. Good lyrics and creative, musically and lyrically. I can tell this will have some staying power in my iPod.
Lake Trout - Another One Lost Sounds like Interpol this is a release from a couple of years ago that I heard at Tower Records listening booth. I like its style. A bit out of the ordinary and good. It came with a 31 minute MP3 instrumental on the CD that I like the best. I have REALY grown to like this CD and band. I am hot to see them live somewhere.
The Dandy Warhols - Welcome to the Monkey House A good, fun and catchy album I like it a lot. every song is different and creative in its own way.
Earlimart - Everyone Down Here A cross between Radiohead, Built To Spill and the Breeders. This album was released this year. I like it so far but it is nothing you haven't heard before.
Janes Addiction - Strays I got a good liste to this while I was with my buddies in Hawaii and I really like the CD. If you like old Janes, you will love this. It is pretty much where they left off. it is on the hard side if you are not familiar with Janes Addiction.
Beck – Sea Change I think I would have to say this is the best album I have bought and heard in the last year. It is different from the other Beck albums. It is all acoustic guitar and very mellow. Great lyrics and thought provoking. Buy it! It was released around August of 2002.
Lucinda Williams – World Without End Somewhere between rock and roll and country, Lucinda is a great lyricists and songwriter. A good album for a road-trip. This is a new album for 2003. I liked it but it has not grown on me.
Coldplay – A Rush of Blood to the Head I had heard of this album a year or so ago but never picked up on it. After listening to it now for a bit it really is excellent. I can always tell if an album has longevity if it takes time to grow on me.
Peter Gabriel – Up Released in early 2003 or late 2002 this album definitely took time to grow on me. But grow it has and it is one of my favs of last year.
Turin Breaks – Ether Song New for 2003, this is a great album of catchy tunes that at first sound poppy, but are not at all. It has a lot of substance. The male lead singer sounds like a woman and has a great voice. Put it on your list.
Radio Head – Hail to the Thief I bought this the same day as Turin Breaks and boy was that a good music buying day. This is another fantastic album released in 2003. Thought provoking and just plain great and creative song-writing. This also must be on your list. I was never a Radiohead fan, b/c I just did not know much about them. I will be looking out for their next release.
Sneaker Pimps – Becoming X This album was released in 1996. The http://www.allmusic.com web site led me to all artists like Massive Attack. This was one of them so I took a stab at it and really like it. They sound like They have some good beats in there and the music has a bit of a dark but poppy quality to it.
Massive Attack – 100th Window This band is my favorite recent discovery. This is a new release this year, 2003. They have such a cool and haunting sound to them. As a friend of my said, listening to them is as close as you can come to doing drugs without actually doing those drugs. Haunting with incredibly cool beats and a female voice that just knocks me out. I love chilling out to this music winding down from a long week in an airport traveling home watching the world perform around me to this soundtrack.
Massive Attack – Mezzanine This album is a 1998 release. It is simply a phenomenal album. Creative and as unique of a sound as one can get. Haunting and deep songs that evoke a strong state of mind and a mood different from reality. Just plain old COOL. GET IT!
Massive Attack – Blue Lines There are a couple of good tracks on this CD and it was critically acclaimed back in 1990 when it was released, but overall it is not one of my favorites.
1 Giant Leap - 1 Giant Leap A 2002-2003 release, I think it is actually a soundtrack for a movie. It is various artists performing with World Beat artists, Michael Stipe of R.E.M. is one of them. It is a nice change from the usual music these days.
DJ Krush – Kakusei This was another “similar artist” recommendation by that all music web site. It is similar to Massive Attack and has no vocals. The artists is Japanese and the sounds can get monotonous at times, but is out of the ordinary and interesting. It is mind numbing in an escape sort of way.
Eels – Shootenany Released in 2003 this is an album with simple songwriting that is poppy and catching at times and boring and predictable at others. I give it an OK rating.
Groove Armada – Lovebox Released in 2003 this is a dancy Hip Hop album. It is catchy and fun but not much more beyond that.
Interpol – Turn on the Bright Lights These guys sound like a cross between Joy Division and U2. A deep and cathartic sound. There are a few very strong tracks while other drone on a bit. Overall I think is pretty good.
Kruder & Dormfmeister – K & D Sessions Similar to Massive Attack and DJ Krush the all music web site lead me to buy this unheard album. It is actually 2 CD’s and it is pretty creative and fun. I like it more than the DJ Krush. This is 1998 release. My long term rating may change, but my initial rating is this.
Moby – 18 A 2002 release this is good mellow out album with a few good beats on it. Moby is very talented at talking samples of music, sounds and rifts from all variety of music and making it a cool mix. A good soundtrack for life/ events/ travel.
New Order – Get Ready Who would have thought that these guys would still be coming out with new music. The band is over 20 years old. This album at first sounds like silly bubble gum alternative pop, but it is much better than that. I recommend it.
Nick Drake – Pink Moon A 1972 release, this guy tragically killed himself after this album failed to sell. He was WAY ahead of his time and this album is fantastic. It is simple acoustic guitar and plain old great song writing. BUY IT!
VAST – Visual Sensory Theater An older release from the late 1990’s this album has a strong angry sound to it like a Nine Inch Nails, but it more accessible I think. A couple fo killer tracks on it.
HEM – Rabbit Songs I stumbled on this group playing at Tower Records one day in Atlanta. They sounded good so I bought the CD. I really love it. Very mellow with a lot of acoustic guitar and great lyrics. The female vocalist has a great voice and could sing me to sleep any night.