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The last GAP ride I am moving to Houston, TX to start a new job and one of the top 3 things I will miss in ATL is the beautiful GA mountains. They are heaven to ride in. Here are a few shots of the last GAP ride for me. I was out there with 2 friends Eduardo and Steve and my sister Jen. About the biggest hill I will find in Houston is going to be a parking garage.
Sarah/ Tommy Hawaii Vacation Sarah and Tommy were sent on a surprise trip to Hawaii in early March... and they got ENGAGED! Check out their photos here.

Christmas in Boston with Jen

Web Photo Album

I visited my sister Jen in Boston for Christmas and we drove to New York to see our mother for Christmas... but, only after I caught and recovered from the stomach flu. The link is a quick web-photo album of the trip while I was in Boston. I was in no shape to take pictures in New York.

Jen Visits

Web Photo Gallery

My sister Jen spent Thanksgiving with me in good old ATL. We hadn't seen each other in over 2 years so we had some catching up to do, and we had some fun. She had some great ideas and opinions about the thinks I need to do with my skylight installation an kitchen renovation... you know a women's touch.

Visit to Sarah

Photo Album

In January of 2003 I vistited my sister Sarah and her boyfriend Tommy in Steamboat Springs for a quick weekend of hiking. Check out the Adventure > Travel page for a web photo album and a Hahn's Peak Hike Report. I can't forget to mention my nephew Bender (Sarah's pooch).

Hawaii Photo Album is posted from this Friends link on Nov. 2003

Tour of Georgia 2004

My buddy Mike came from Dallas to visit and see the Tour of Georgia. We had a great 2 days watching the race in th North GA mountains. My friend Dena came to see the race with us on the second day. It was great to see the riders climbs the hills we have trained on for year. Here is a photo gallery of some of our favorite shots.

Teaching in Ottawa

I went to Ottawa, Canada to teach a 4 day class. It was my first time there so I brought my camera and took some photos. I ended up having a fun group of people in class and we had some good laughs. I taugth them PSoft and they taught me French (le le) I learned that the French Canadian translation for Shazam is ZAPAROO!.