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The last GAP ride I am moving to Houston, TX to start a new job and one of the top 3 things I will miss in ATL is the beautiful GA mountains. They are heaven to ride in. Here are a few shots of the last GAP ride for me. I was out there with 2 friends Eduardo and Steve and my sister Jen. About the biggest hill I will find in Houston is going to be a parking garage.

Tony, Tony

Hawaii 2003 Web Photo Album

Underwater Pix Photo Album

My friends Tony, Tony and I took trip to Hawaii. We are college buddies and have not hung out together for 11 years... the last time we did was a camping trip in Pennsylvania. We upgraded a bit to the beach this time. Tony's wife and kids were very nice in letting him escape for 8 days with us. "Just call us all Tony to make it easier," we would say when introducing ourselves.

John, Catherine & Edmund Pictures from a weekend trip to NYC for a visit.
Tarun Tarun lives in Houston, TX with his wife Anu and young son Siddharth. They recently got back from India to visit family and show off their young son... who also got a haircut their... family tradition. Those curly locks in his picture are gone.