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Updated Site Updated: 12/20/04

General photos of the house. Nothing posted yet though.

Basement Insulation I was delaying the installation of insulation in the crawl-space under the downstairs until I had the kitchen renovation finished. This was mainly b/c I was planning on re-routing a lot of pipes and electrical, but I have decided not to re-route all of it so the insulation went in today.
Living Room Recessed Lights Installed I took out the ugly ceiling fan in the center of the room and installed 8 recessed lights to brighten the room up.
Dining Room Recessed Lights Installed As a side project to the kitchen skylight installation and while I had easy access to the attic area, I decided to install recessed lights in the dining room. It was a day and a half worth of diversion.
Kitchen Skylights I have bought and decided to install 2 big skylights in my kitchen. Construction has started and I hope to have things done by the end of the year. I am doing it all by myself... patience.
Screened in porch and back deck I have just hired CE Steele Construction to install a back deck and screened in porch for me. I think they will start in December and have it completed by mid January. Pictured posted 12/28/03 and beyond.

Front Yard

Springtime in the new garden 2004

Photos posted 12/06/03. NEW photos 4/25/04.
Upstairs Hall Bathroom This was a complete demolition and rebuild, and as usual the project got bigger as I went along. The link is to a web photo gallery of the BEFORE DURING and AFTER photos with descriptions for each photo.

Upstairs Staircase Ceiling Photos

When I stood in the hallway on the stairs the ceiling was literally at my chin. There was an ugly door that led to a crawlspace. I tore the whole thing out and re-framed the ceiling giving it a nice slope to match the stairs. First BIG project for me on this house.
Miscellaneous Water Filter, Stair replacement, Painting, Garage Door Opener, heat Furnace, Etc.

Front Yard Landscaping Plan Feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the projects I liked to do, and knowing how gardening is not my strong suit, I decided to have a gardening company draw up a plan for my front yard. I like the plan so much I am having them do the installation. It is scheduled to be done the week of November 10th, 2003.