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Deck and Screened in Porch

I love to built decks, but this deck I envision would take me too long so I have a contractor doing it. It was going to be only a deck but a few things add a screened in porch too; I have bad mosquitos... oh, they're naughty; my friend Lisa just had a screened in porch installed at her house and I see how wonderfully comfortable it can be for her out there.
Here is the where the deck and screend in porch will go before the work begins.
The deck is in 2 parts. The far square is where the screened in porch will go and the smaller square close to me will be a simple deck.
View from below.
View from the roof. The decking material I am going to use is a hardwood called Ipe (e-pay) from Brazil... but it is NOT an endangered wood. It is only cut and grown from reforested areas. It is a wonder wood. Check out this link about it. Ipe Wood. The Screened in porch flooring will be tongue and groove Ipe but the exposed deck will Ipe with a a gap between the boards.
After a full day of work the guys got this much of the screened in area done. By tomorrow they should have the roof all installed and the porch "dried-in".
The crew started to rip up the roof where the new roof line will be. good thing the forecast does not call for rain.