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Deck and Screened in Porch (Most recent photos at the top)

This weekend I finished the inside painting for the french doors. I am waiting for warmer weather to do the outside. That is going to be quite a project I think... three coats. Photo added 2/22/04.
Ceiling finished here and the fan installed. Al I have to do now is wait for warmer weather and figure out what paint/ etc. to coat everything with. Screens will be screwed in place and it will be all operational. Posted 2/11/04.
Only thing missing here is the screens and the paint. Notice the lights on the corners. They have motion sensors. Posted 2/11/04.
View from the inside. Notice electrical switches on the wall to the left. I just have to paint here now. Posted 2/11/04.
View from the front yard of the deck sticking out the back. Posted 2/11/04.