Dining Room Recessed Lights

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Updated Site Updated: 12/20/04

New Recessed Lighting
Since I had easy access to the crawl space above the main living area and I was doing electrical anyway, I decided to install recessed lighting in the dining room. It took about 1 full day of work and less than $200 and was worth it.
View from above the dining room in the attic. Itchy insulation! A thorough shower is necessary after working up here. I had to run new electrical lines and install the junction box on the left. You can see the 4 silver recessed cans to the right and back.
Completed lights in actions. And Adam said... let there be light... and then I had an apple.
I had to have a second switch so I installed a new double switch box. I had to run a new line down to the switch. It was not as bad as it sounds. I will patch the wall when I am in sheetrock mode in the kitchen.