Front Landscaping Plan Before

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Updated Site Updated: 12/20/04

Plan Before (you are here) During After 2004 Springtime in the new garden

Before Photos
Here are a few pictures related to the front yard landscaping plan. You can see the landscapers drawing and plan here.
This is the right ride of the house looking towards the neighbors. This island of pine trees will be covered in new shrubbery.
This is the front of the house where they will be placing a little rounded rock wall in the corner next to the staircase and just off camera to the left will be large stone slabs for a small stair.
This is the left side of the house by the driveway that is being done. You can almost stitch these 2 photos together to get the big picture. From the mailbox to the side of the house will be done. The work will go up about 1/3 of the way the hill.
You can see the pachysandra bed in the foreground that I planted last year. It is doing quite well. They will not be touching that part. I think they may edge around it though.