Front Landscaping Plan After

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Updated Site Updated: 06/19/05

Plan Before During After (you are here) 2004 Springtime in the new garden

After Photos
Here are a few pictures related to the front yard landscaping plan. You can see the landscapers drawing and plan here.
Rock wall and steps are new. They build the wall then broke it up and did it again. it was not what the designer wanted. This view is of one of the 3 areas done.
This view shows all areas landscaped. I imagine (I hope) it will look a lot better once spring rolls around.
Close up of steps and wall.
Left side of driveway with a new wood chip path. There used to be prickly holy bushes in front of the driveway.
View towards neighbor of the front road area landscaped.
In the right background area you can see where they put the old plants that were in front of the house before. I like they in the new spot.