Living Room Recessed Lights

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Updated Site Updated: 12/20/04

New Recessed Lighting
I seemed to be on a rol with electrical work so I decided to install the recessed lights in the living room too. I would REALLY like to install skylights in there, but I think there are other house priorities right now. With the kitchen being so light and airy now the living room is a bit dark. the recessed lights help that out a bit.
8 new recessed lights blazing away. The install took A LOT less time than I thought. I found the power supply wire, installed the switch and wired up the junction box Friday night and spent 1/2 the next day cutting holes and wiring the 8 lights. I enjoy doing the electrical.
Notice the new switch in the foreground. I had to cut a hole and drill down from the top to run the wire to it. In the center of the room you can barely see a circular plate where I removed the ugliest looking ceiling fan. In fact, I hate the looks of most ceiling fans.