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Project - Approx Date:
Pachysandra Bed - 6/2002 New Step - 7/2003 Heat Furnace - 1/2004
Water Filters - 5/2002 Poison Ivy Eradication - 4/2002 Sanded Floors - 2/2002
Driveway Root - 11/2002 Living Room/ Dining Room Paint - 3/2002 Garage Door Opener - 2/2003
French Door 1/20/04 Work Table - 3/1/2004  

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Pachysandra Bed
This was my first big project on the house. I took several weekends of root and weed pulling, bed preparation and palting to get it all done. Tiring. Finished and happy... me and the pachy.
I really don't have a good direct shot of what the pachy bed looked like before I started work so this will have to do. The large bushy tree on the right is a bradford pear tree and it had weeds and some dying juniper under it. I ripped it out and planted the pachy. I remember it from childhood and had a vision of a big bed of it under this large shadetree.
In progress with a bag of peat-moss.