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Kitchen Skylight Installation

I look scary here. Camera is on the floor. Added 1/4/04.
I am almost finished with the sheetrock mudding. It is a bit of tedious process. I am learning a lot abou the right techniques. I have found the key is to watrer down the sheetrock mud a lot. It goes on a more easily. Added 1/30/04.
Lights blazing... notice the new center light fixture. I like it a lot better. Now I just have to mud and sand it all up. That is the worst part to me. Blech! Added 1/4/04.
Different view. This is taken opposite of the photo to the left here. Added 1/4/04.
Got it framed up here. Notice the recessed lights in the middle. I ended up hating the light they gave off so I changed it to one nice halogen center light fixture with 3 lights in it. You can see it a couple of pictures down. Added 1/4/04.
This view is from the attic. The pink insulation is covering the whole skylight. It is already sheet rocked on the other side. Added 1/4/04.