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Kitchen Skylight Installation

Here it is! All sheet rocking, sanding and painting is done. Notice the sliding venetian blinds that are there. They will come in handy in on the hot summer days. Photo posted 2/22/04.
Nighttime photo. Now for the kitchen cabinets. Photo posted 2/22/04.
It feels so good to be done with it. That wa my favorite renovation so far... I think b/c it was a bit of stretch for me. Photo posted 2/22/04.
Nice clean lines and flat white paint. You can see the blinds a bit better here and in the next photo. Photo posted 2/22/04.
A different view. Photo posted 2/22/04.
New light switches. I had tear this wall apart to get these things in there. There was a hole tot he other side. Photo posted 2/22/04.