Upstairs Hall Ceiling

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Updated Site Updated: 12/20/04

Upstairs Hall Ceiling Photos

There was a very ugly trap door leading to the crawlspace above the living area. There was a gremlin living in there. I evicted him.
I hit my CHIN on this ceiling it was so low. A real liability for me and the house.
This was my first big house upgrade and that first cut was unnerving.
It looks like a trick composite photo of 2 pictures... no trick, the wall is completely gone.
First few bits going in.
I moved access to the attic from a hole I creatred in the coat closet. To the right there is the insulation convering the new framing I did.
Headroom. Over a year since I finished and I still duck down as I climb the staris sometimes... weird.
The changed actually opened up the hallway a look giving it a better view to the downstairs.