Week of April 30th, 2004 Past Weeks
What type of allergy do you have?

Every type known to humanity: Go over your bank records carefully. You may have lost track of a purchase that will throw a monkey wrench into your finances if it is not noted. Vacuum your car Saturday so that you can enjoy the cleanliness all day on Sunday.. Do NOT eat the leftovers from earlier this week. In fact, toss ‘em.

None: Now is the time to switch out your outdoor gear. Neatly put your winter stuff away and unpack the summer stuff as warmer weather is just around the corner (give or take a few snow showers). Take off your snow tires if you haven’t done so already. You lucky number is four.

Pollen/dust only: Don’t worry about what the neighbors think, turn up the music and dance around the house this weekend. Also, put the “to-do” list away and relax. Treat yourself or a loved one to a lunch on the town and/or flowers.

Food-related only:
Don’t bother cleaning the windows as the wind will only blow more dust on to them. Carry a pack of mints in your pocket at all times because you are sure to have a conversation with a “close talker.” Beware of pot holes on back roads. Try the chicken dish if it is suggested at dinner.

Animal-related only: Call that friend that you haven’t spoken to in a year. He/she will be glad to hear from you. Try to do something artistic this weekend (music, art, culture). Your effort or exploration will pay off later in the month. Don’t talk to ex-boyfriends or girlfriends. The color red will have a big impact on you sometime this weekend.

  *Horoscopes are compiled by Tommy Larson’s dog, Little Joe Bender. Bender is not a Colorado-licensed clairvoyant but he does posses uncanny powers of foresight. Neither the dog nor CMC is liable for horoscope interpretation.