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Updated Site Updated: 4/25/04

From the perspective of the web site it seems like my house projects have stopped and that I am slacking off. Far from the truth. I am actually busy everyday doing little finish-work details like sanding the sheet rock mud, painting, caulking, etc. These are not much fun to take pictures and put on the web site let alone do. These types of details always take forever... and are my least favorite. Good thing is though, they get me closer to the end of one project. This weekend I repainted my bathroom in the same color as before but with semi-gloss paint. Like a jackass I did it in flat paint before.. looked great but it holds water droplet stain and other makes too well. i put the last coat of sheet rock mud on the skylights walls/ ceiling and will be sanding them next and putting paint on it. I always think I am on the last coat of sheet rock mud. I think I am finally getting a hand on doing it properly. It is an art form in my opinion. this weekend I have also caulked and used wood filler in nail holes on the inside of the 2 french doors. I will put high gloss paint on it tomorrow.

Over the weekend I have decided to try to built my own kitchen cabinets form scratch. A big task, but what the heck... it'll be fun. I got quotes from a custom cabinet guy and it was a lot more than I can afford right now. I have always loved wood working and done a bit of it in the past. Like I need another thing on my plate, but I am excited about doing it. I won't have much of a life for the next year as I do it. My plan is to build a small workshop on the ground floor. I will section it off with plastic to keep the sawdust from getting everywhere. I will have to build a workbench. I will probably put that in the garage then I will buy a bunch of tools I will need then start laying out a plan. I think I want to ask the custom cabinet guy if he will trade some lessons and guidance for a web site that I can built him. Well actually he already has a web-site but it it not that great. We will see. I plan to pitch the idea to him this week.

I recently got an iSight camera to be able to do video phone calls over the Internet. Two of my friends have it and we have spoken several times already. It is SOOOO COOOL! I love technology and new things are neat and fun, but I can not remember the last time I felt so enthusiastic about technology. Airlines and phone companies are going to loose a lot of money on this one. It is free for now, but you know they are going to start charging soon. It's kinda like how I imagine a drug dealer gets people hooked on drugs, "Try this for free..... for a while, then get hooked and I will start charging you." It will happen.

Tomorrow is a day off from work. I will spend it working on the house. I am still having fun, but don't have much of a life outside of that. Good for now.