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Updated Site Updated: 4/25/04

I am tired this weekend. Once again I accomplished a lot on the house and worked hard all weekend. I spent the time doing the little annoying things like painting and cleaning up... finishing touches. During the week after work I also did some painting too. I have officially declared the skylights complete. They look great and are more than the vision I had in my hed one early moring. It is funny how one can have those visions and revelations when you are just going into or out of sleep. I guess we have them at both times. At night though, we forget them in our sleep; in the moning it is easier to cling to them. Now I have to come up with a plan of action for the kitchen cabinets... mostly I knw what I am going to do; I just have to come up with an order to accomplish it all in. Afterall I have to leave it a working kitchen as I work. the main issue is the floor, which has to be installed with the kitchen clear. I have to run a gass line and reroute some of the electrical lines for a double wall oven.

Sleepy, gotta get to bed.