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Updated Site Updated: 4/25/04

I spent the weekend with my hand in a paint bucket of some kind. Painting truly is a mindless endeavor. It is tedious and can make you crazy if you focus too much on the big picture. You have to look at accomplishing your goal as a series of small tasks. I start to get loopy after a while. I suppose the paint fumes don't help much. I did manage to get out for a bike ride today in the sunny weather. I shorten it b/c I had so much to do. By next weekend I hope to be done with the deck painting and can have the screens installed and then sit back a enjoy it. I did install a hammock on the deck, and rocking in it is so peaceful. I can't get too used to it.... I have a lot to accomplish this year on the house.

Yesterday while I was painting I saw a neat sight. there was some kind of bird of prey circling overhead and making the high pitched cry they do. I could not tell what its purpose was... call a mate or defend territory. It looked like there were 2 of them and one was in a nest in the yard next door to me. How cool! If that is the case I don't suppose I will be seeing too many small birds in my yard. I was planning on putting up a few bird feeders. If I do I think I might be feeding more than just the ones eating the feed.