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Updated Site Updated: 4/25/04

You know how there is usually one guy in the neighborhood who is always doing something to his lawn to make it better. You know, pulling weeds, watering, seeding, fertilizing, etc. I am afraid I might be seen as that guy in my neighborhood. The reason I feel this way is because my neighbor had a visitor I did not know. As I was out doing something (OK! attending to the lawn) he says to me, “Was it hard to paint your lawn that color.” I don’t even know this guy but I laughed hard as his tone was friendly. I suppose like a typical neighborhood lawn-obsesser I said, “Yeah it is awfully green isn’t it?” “All I do is water it and it seems to be doing well.” OK! I suppose I did seed it and fertilize it and I pull weeds every weekend. But it does have character to it. I mean it is not this perfect specimen with no flaws. I do not get upset if I see something bad I just do what I can do to make it better. My life is NOT my lawn. (Can you hear a little justification in there?)

I did a ride in the wonderful GA Mountains today. I miss riding up there so much. Since I am not training at all these days and have other things to do (like my lawn :-)) I just can not spare the time to get up there. It is a day’s venture and I am pretty spent after a hard ride up there. I did not do as badly as I had thought. I could not believe my friends invited me as I was sure I would be a liability for them. They are all training hard for races. My running shoes are lawn-mowing shoes now. I wish I had a house up there to stay the weekend and enjoy the area more. Thankfully it is a treasure that most Atlantans don’t know about… but they will figure it out soon. One house at a time for me though. I slugged it up some of the harder climbs with a little less physical discomfort than I thought I would experience. I am inspired… but I need to be inspired about other things right now.