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Adam Langley

Hello and Welcome All, I must pick ONLY 25-30 photos to show at my first ever photo exhibition on May 1st in Boston, MA and was hoping you could help me by taking the time to look at and tell me what some of your favorites are in this listing of 71 pictures below. Clicking on the photo will give you an enlargement. Thanks for your time, Adam Back to:

2Tombstones 5Gallon Drum AfrcianMoon
2Tombstones.jpg         5Gallon Drum.jpg         AfrcianMoon.jpg        
AfricaReeds AfricanDucks Balance
AfricaReeds.jpg         AfricanDucks.jpg         Balance.jpg        
Bamboo BarbwireAtSunset Bird
Bamboo.jpg         BarbwireAtSunset.jpg         Bird.jpg        
BlurryHouse BranchesFence BridgeReflection
BlurryHouse.jpg         BranchesFence.jpg         BridgeReflection.jpg        
CableCar Canal Candles
CableCar.jpg         Canal.jpg         Candles.jpg        
CastleStAngelo CemetarySunset Chimenys
CastleStAngelo.jpg         CemetarySunset.jpg         Chimenys.jpg        
Church Cleaning Clergy
Church.jpg         Cleaning.jpg         Clergy.jpg        
Daisies DeadTree Descent
Daisies.jpg         DeadTree.jpg         Descent.jpg        
Directions Drop Dusk
Directions.jpg         Drop.jpg         Dusk.jpg        
DyingSun Eagle2 FlagTower
DyingSun.jpg         Eagle2.jpg         FlagTower.jpg        
Flowers GW Harbor
Flowers.jpg         GW.jpg         Harbor.jpg        
Heidleberg HomeCompound Icicles
Heidleberg.jpg         HomeCompound.jpg         Icicles.jpg        
IronFence Jack LostHorse
IronFence.jpg         Jack.jpg         LostHorse.jpg        
Mailboxes MarbleheadSunset MaunaKeaSunset
Mailboxes.jpg         MarbleheadSunset.jpg         MaunaKeaSunset.jpg        
Neuschwanstein OrangeReflection PalmLeaves
Neuschwanstein.jpg         OrangeReflection.jpg         PalmLeaves.jpg        
PalmSpikes Polizia RedPetals
PalmSpikes.jpg         Polizia.jpg         RedPetals.jpg        
Reeds Relationship Returning
Reeds.jpg         Relationship.jpg         Returning.jpg        
Sailing SnowyBranch Steeple
Sailing.jpg         SnowyBranch.jpg         Steeple.jpg        
Subway SunsRays Sunset5
Subway.jpg         SunsRays.jpg         Sunset5.jpg        
Surfers Tackle TheHunt
Surfers.jpg         Tackle.jpg         TheHunt.jpg        
ThePeak TheVatican Travellers
ThePeak.jpg         TheVatican.jpg         Travellers.jpg        
Tree TruckShadow Umbrellas
Tree.jpg         TruckShadow.jpg         Umbrellas.jpg        
VacationPhoto Vineyard WindSnow
VacationPhoto.jpg         Vineyard.jpg         WindSnow.jpg        
Wires YellowPetals  
Wires.jpg         YellowPetals.jpg