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Photography Gallery On May 1st I am doing a first: a photo exhibit of some pictures I have taken over the years. I hardly think my work is that good but my dear sister Jen thinks it is and has been very supportive. It is in Stonestreet clothing store in Harvard Square that the exhibit will take place. Jen buys the women's clothing there which has become a very successful part of the store. Her friend Bill has owned and operated the store for over 20 years. They sell high end men's and women's clothing. Please feel free to give your opinion on the photos I have to choose from in this link. Feel free to send the link to others for their input. Thank you!

Taken at the Spanish Steps in Rome. Just a random couple with a random story, untold and only to be guessed at from the expressions on their faces.

Photo of Moment 1/30/04 - 2/05/04

Photo from a Hawaii trip in Oct/ Nov of last year. This is on the hotel grounds in Kona Hawaii. I sure do miss that warm weather and color right about now. The 15mm lense gives a cool effect.

Photo of Moment 12/30/03 - 1/30/04

Jen stood on a chilly street corner in Boston with me as her nutty brother waited with a camera on a tripod for the traffic lights to cooperate and let a steady stream of traffic go by to get the right effect for this photograph. Check out the Web Photo gallery of some other pix I took while in Boston. You can get there from the from the Happenings link.

Photo of Moment 12/3/03 - 12/30/03

My sister Jen came to visit me for Thanksgiving. It was a sushi T-giving... because I cannot cook a turkey. Jen was cool enough to help me with the installation of some skylights in my kitchen (photos soon). We took a day off basking in the warm weather. Jen's agreed to fly down every weekend and help me with the rest of the kitchen renovation... she does not know this yet though. Check out the Web Photo gallery of some pix we took from the Happenings link.

Photo of Moment 11/3/03 - 12/3/03:

Adam, Tony and Tony on the Big Island of Hawaii giving the Hawaiian hello hand gesture. This is after a few drinks and some found props on the hotel grounds. Check out the full Web Photo Album above.

Photo of Moment 9/3/03 - 11/3/03:

This picture was taken on the island of Tobago in the coutry of Trinidad/ Tobago, or TT as the locals call it. I was lucky enough to be sent to Trinidad for work. I took a 2 or 3 extra days and went to Tobago to see the area. I took lots of pictures. This was my first night there. The fence wraps the airport which is on the water... but then again, everything there is just about on the water... its an island :-).