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Moved to the Mountains I always I would not be in Houston for very long. Things feel together very quickly and I found a house I loved in the North Georgia Mountains. Bike riding heaven. I only hope my body lets be ride at the level I want to ride... age is catching me on the hills. 7/08/07
Spain/ Portugal 2005 I took a trip to Spain and Portugal with my sister. Spent time in Madrid, Obidois, Portugal along the northern coast and at a friend's wedding in Siguenza, Spain. 6/19/05
2005 Steamboat Springs Pentathlon I shot these at last year's race when I was visiting my sister there. 10/23/05

Bellaire House

Downtown Townhouse

I am trying to decide which of 2 places to buy. Here is a photo gallery of the 2 places I have narrowed my interest to. Each are completely different lifestyles: one is a bit of a fixer-upper while the other is not at all and I would live a more urban lifestyle. They each appeal to me for different reasons. The links to the left take you to photos of each. 7/10/04
RENT ME!! I am moving to Houston, TX. New job, new life and new home. My plan is to keep the house in ATL and rent it out. Here are some photos of it I took for the real estate people who are going to get tenants. It was a tough decision to move and there is lots to tell about the events of the last month. But for now I have to devote my time to moving and preparing the house here. 6/5/04
The last GAP ride I am moving to Houston, TX to start a new job and one of the top 3 things I will miss in ATL is the beautiful GA mountains. They are heaven to ride in. Here are a few shots of the last GAP ride for me. I was out there with 2 friends Eduardo and Steve and my sister Jen. About the biggest hill I will find in Houston is going to be a parking garage. 5/20/04
Boston Photo Show Fun Shots Most of these shots are taken after the Photo show and afetr a couple of drinks. Ellie, this is for you!!! 5/15/04
Springtime in the new garden 2004 After my front yeard was relandscaped it has come in quite nicely this spring. I enjoy just walking around in it and seeing the growth progress. Here are some photos. Can you find the little spider? 4/25/04
Tour of Georgia 2004

My buddy Mike came from Dallas to visit and see the Tour of Georgia. We had a great 2 days watching the race in th North GA mountains. My friend Dena came to see the race with us on the second day. It was great to see the riders climbs the hills we have trained on for year. Here is a photo gallery of some of our favorite shots.

Little Joe Bender's Horoscope Sarah's fiancée Tommy is a very creative writer with a great sense of humor. He compiles a horoscope every week and I will be putting it up each week here. 4/12/04
Sarah/ Tommy Hawaii Vacation Sarah and Tommy were sent on a surprise trip to Hawaii in early March... and they got ENGAGED! Check out their photos here. 4/3/04
Photography Gallery On May 1st I am doing a first: a photo exhibit of some pictures I have taken over the years. I hardly think my work is that good but my dear sister Jen thinks it is and has been very supportive. It is in Stonestreet clothing store in Harvard Square that the exhibit will take place. Jen buys the women's clothing there which has become a very successful part of the store. Her friend Bill has owned and operated the store for over 20 years. They sell high end men's and women's clothing. Please feel free to give your opinion on the photos I have to choose from in this link. Feel free to send the link to others for their input. Thank you! 3/22/04

Teaching in Ottawa

I went to Ottawa, Canada to teach a 4 day class. It was my first time there so I brought my camera and took some photos. I ended up having a fun group of people in class and we had some good laughs. I taugth them PSoft and they taught me French (le le) I learned that the French Canadian translation for Shazam is ZAPAROO!. 3/21/04
Work Table/ Bench In preparation for making the kitchen cabinets I decided to make a HUGE work bench. It is 4' x 8' and quite high.... about 45 inches. I put it on wheels to be able to roll it around the garage and driveway if I need to. It is very sturdy and heavy as hell. It will come in very handy even after the kitchen is done. I basically built it in a day based on a plan I made up in my head last week while travelling. I really like doing that kind of stuff. 3/1/04
Periodic Musings A listing of written stuff. I intend it to be mostly a written account of things I have been up to and thoughts when a page or pictures on my web site can not express things. But who knows what it will turn out to be or where it may go. I write in it when I feel like it. No schedule. I think they call this a blug, which makes me a blogger. 2/15/04
Basement Insulation I was delaying the installation of insulation in the crawl-space under the downstairs until I had the kitchen renovation finished. This was mainly b/c I was planning on re-routing a lot of pipes and electrical, but I have decided not to re-route all of it so the insulation went in today. 1/17/04
Living Room Recessed Lights Installed I took out the ugly ceiling fan in the center of the room and installed 8 recessed lights to brighten the room up. 1/10/04
Deck/ Screen in porch installation I do not have time to do everything, so I am having a contractor install this for me. Work is progressing quickly. 3/7/04
Christmas in Boston/ New York I visited my sister Jen in Boston for Christmas and we drove to New York to see our mother for Christmas... but, only after I caught and recovered from the stomach flu. The link is a quick web-photo album of the trip while I was in Boston. I was in no shape to take pictures in New York. 12/28/03
Skylight Installation FINISHED!! I have decided to cut holes in my kitchen ceiling and my roof and instrall skylights. I'm also doing recessed lights in the kitchen. New photos 12/28/03. 2/22/04
Dining Room Recessed Lights Installed As a side project to the kitchen skylight installation and while I had easy access to the attic area, I decided to install recessed lights in the dining room. It was a day and a half worth of diversion. 12/14/03
Front Yard Landscaping DONE! The landscaping company that created a plan for my front yard has finished its work and the After Photos are posted. It ain't exactly the garden of eden but it is better than the old weeds. 12/13/03
Sister Jen visits My sister Jen visited over Thanksgiving. It was great to see her and we took some nice photos one of the days. They are accessible from the Happenings page or click here. 11/28/03
Trip to Hawaii with Tony and Tony I took a trip to Hawaii with 2 college friends of mine Tony and Tony. check out the HAWAII WEB PHOTOS POSTED!! 11/05/03

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